About Us

We have all done it.

We have all bought gym wear or street wear that looks great on pictures, but turned out very uncomfortable or not even lasted 3 washes. Now that’s pretty annoying. You tear off the tag, use it for an hour and clothes prove uncomfortable. And you can’t return them.

So… we had a mission. A goal. First of all, we wanted to create clothes that fits perfectly without risking the quality. That took us about a year. From there, we worked on designs that can fit on these models. Not too over designed, more classy and basic with a few awesome tweeks. And of course, making sure the quality is not jeopardized by the classy design.

Whether you want to use one0one in the gym, staying home, visiting your friends or head out to do some shopping… we are so sure you won’t complain about the fit.

Welcome to one0one! 
Michelle and Jimmy Lewin

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