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This fat burning formula has been developed with a focus on the human mind. Several of the main ingredients have a feel-good effect which will enhance the motivation and focus. The thermogenic alkaloids have the effect of burning fat and we have carefully dosed one serving to avoid any tingling. No unwanted additional sweating unless you are working out. Your appetite may be reduced for a few hours.

(AVOID COMBINING THE one0one FAT BURNER WITH ANY OTHER STIMULANTS as additional stimulants might cause nausea).

Everything you need to know about

The science

– behind card brush –

When you eat too many carbohydrates your blood glucose levels quickly increase and subsequently quickly decrease as the glucose transforms into fatty acids.

Calories in food are essentially energy that your body burns through various processes like exercise, but also digestion, breathing, and basic bodily functions.

But when you consume more calories than your body needs, the body saves the extra calories in fat cells to be used later. This process is known as lipogenesis followed by triglyceride synthesis, which enables your body to efficiently store energy (calories) in the form of fats.

When you eat carbohydrates and digestion begins, your body naturally transforms the carbs into glucose by interacting with the amylase enzyme. Amylase helps digest carbohydrates and convert them into glucose (sugar).

Once your blood-glucose level reaches a certain threshold, your body releases insulin and converts the glucose into fatty acids. Fatty acids then combine with a a glycerol molecule to form triglyceride — aka body fat. The synthesis that occurs to create body fat requires a compound called glycerol-3-phosphate, which our body most commonly gets from foods heavy in starch and sugar (bad carbs).

As an amylase-inhibitor, CARB CRUSH slows down the rate at which glucose enters the bloodstream, thereby slowing down the fat creation process.

CARB CRUSH diminishes your body’s ability to store carbohydrates you consume as unwanted fat.

Quick facts about

The Ingredients

and what they do:

CHROMIUM helps control blood sugar, lower blood glucose levels, insulin sensitivity and lipid metabolism.

THEOBROMINE, TYROSINE and CAFFEINE helps boost metabolism.

TYROSINE is a precursor to EPINEPHRINE and DOPAMINE and helps speed up metabolism.

PALMITOLYETHANOLAMIDE helps with appetite control.

ASHWAGANDHA and THEANINE both help with stress related weight gain, as they help control Cortisol and help with Serotonin levels.

GINGER, HUPERZINE A, CAPSICUM, GRAINS OF PARADISE and BLACK PEPPER have thermogenic alkaloids like Gingerols, Capsaicin, Paradoxine and Piperine, which acts thermogenic.

Carb blocker benefits

Supports Easy Weight Loss

CARB CRUSH carb blocker pills slow down the digestion of carbs and starches, and in result, reduce the amount of calories that your body stores as fat. The all-natural carb blocker supplement will help you maintain your diet and weight loss plan even when you enjoy a carb heavy meal. And the pills help control your appetite too, so you can feel fuller longer. When taken correctly, and as part of a broader exercise regime, weight loss becomes easily obtainable.

Improves Glucose Control

Thanks to Delphinol®, CARB CRUSH’s main ingredient and a patented maqui berry extract, the carb blocker pills inhibit the amylase enzyme and slow down the rate at which your body converts carbohydrates into glucose. The achieved slower pace that glucose enters your blood stream allows your body to more effectively balance your metabolism and control glucose levels so sugar spikes and the dreaded crash do not occur.

Improved Happiness

There’s a reason everybody craves carbs – they release happiness. Literally. When you consume carbohydrates, your body releases seratonin, the neurochemical compound that causes you to feel happy. So, when you allow yourself to take a break from your rigorously healthy meal plan, take a carb blocker pill and indulge in a meal you’ve been craving, it makes you feel happy. Plus, when you can look forward to a cheat meal however frequently works for you, it will help you stick to your meal plan throughout your “on” days.

Feel Fuller For Longer

When you eat foods that lack proper nutrients, like “bad carbs”, it becomes harder to feel full as your body’s crave for energy has not been received. Combined with the fact that it typically takes 30 minutes to feel full after a meal, carb loaded meals can lead to over eating and weight gain. But CARB CRUSH is formulated to make you feel fuller for longer thanks to its prevention of sugar crashes, which not only helps reduce over eating, but also limits carb-loaded weight gain thanks to the pill’s enhanced metabolism control.