la dieta del cuerpazo (firmado por michelle, con tu nombre)


About the book:
  • THE plan to radically transform your body in 28 days.
  • In this book, she shares her eating and exercise secrets. Now, with the help of doctor and health coach Dr. Samar Yorde, Lewin will share her secrets for the first time to become the best version of yourself, in 28 days.
  • Lewin has created an easy-to-follow eating plan that has amazing benefits for all body types. He shares his story, his personal struggle, his own transformation, while offering support to transform and create a healthy lifestyle among his followers. With meal plans, recipes, exercise tips, and a frequently asked questions section from his current followers, The Great Body Diet will help you achieve a strong, toned, and lean body.
  • About the co-author: Dr. Samar Yorde is a Venezuelan physician with a Master’s degree in Health Administration, Obesity, and healthy lifestyle. She is a certified health coach in the United States, international speaker, writer and author of three health and wellness books in Spanish. Dr. Yorde is the founder of Soy Saludable, a digital platform for healthy lifestyle content on social media.

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