Super Grip

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Can’t hold the weights long enough but you still have a few more reps to go? Can’t touch your loving partner with your hands without scratching him/her?
-No worries. We got you.

Feedback from thousands of users, and we listened: This is the EVOLUTION
-Our brand-new updated design: Workout gloves with a hook effect. For heavy lifts, rows and pulls.

  • No more hand or forearm fatigue.
  • No more accidental dropping weights.
  • No more unwanted hardened skin in your palms (calluses).
  • Focus on what you are supposed to train (and not the strength of your hands and forearms)
  • Lift MORE and HEAVIER than you normally do (by diverting the energy from your hands and forearms to the targeted muscle group. You’ll be amazed)
  • Anti-slip rubber material.
  • Comfortable even with heavy load.
  • NEW: Updated fit for almost all hand sizes.
  • NEW: Easy on / easy off.
  • For women and men.
  • Extremely durable: 6 months warranty



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