The hot body diet

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  • For years, fans Mihelle’s followers have been asking this very question. Finally Lewin shares her diet and exercise secrets. And now, with help from certified health coach Dr. Samar Yorde, she will share the keys to her weight loss and weight management for the first time.
  • Michelle has created an easy-to-follow, step-by-step diet and exercise plan that has amazing benefits for all body types. She shares stories and struggles from her own weight loss journey, offering support in creating a healthy transformation. With meal plans, recipes, exercise tips, and an FAQ section from actual followers, The Hot Body Diet will help you achieve the absolute best version of yourself in 28 days.
  • About the co-author: Dr Samar Yorde is a Venezuelan doctor with a Masters in Health Administration, Obesity and Healthy lifestyle. She is a certified health coach in the US, international speaker, writer and author of three health and wellness books in Spanish. Dr. Yorde is the founder of Soy Saludable, a digital healthy lifestyle content platform on social media.

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